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Sirak’s writing resume extends far beyond tournament golf. He’s won awards for his coverage of a humanitarian trip to genocide- and AIDS-devastated Rwanda by six women golfers and for an extensive report on how and why golf fits into the culture of  Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula. He spent two weeks in China in 2008 reporting on the growth of golf in a country where the Communist government is opposed to the game.

He’s also written broadly outside the game of golf, including an indepth report for The Associated Press on Bob Dylan’s 50th birthday in 1991; essays for The AP about the death of radio announcer Red Barber; the suspension from baseball of hits king Pete Rose and the inauguration of the first Baby Boomer president, Bill Clinton. will be a destination not just for golf and for sports in general, especially baseball, but also for music and, occasionally, politics.

His books can be found at and most bookstores:

• Every Shot Must Have a Purpose
• The Game Before the Game
• Play Your Best Golf Now

He also wrote young adult books on golfer Greg Norman:

And basketball player Juwan Howard

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